8 Simple Tips To Make You A Better FPS Shooter

FPS is a popular genre of video games. It’s centered on weapon-based combat in the first-person perspective. To be a competent player, you should understand the battlefield flow and movement dynamics. In addition to that, you must improve your reaction time when playing with your favorite shooters. But this doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. If you’re just starting your gaming journey, here are 7 ways to improve your FPS aim.

Use The Gear Right

If you’re using your crappy office mouse – ditch it. Try to invest in a decent gaming mouse. It should be comfortable even after extended sessions of use. You should ensure it comes in either `fingertip’ or `palm’ style. Broadly speaking, the mouse you choose will depend on your ergonomic sensitivity. You don’t have to buy expensive gear.

Sense & Sensitivity

While most people consider this an afterthought, it should always come first. The easiest way to adjust the sensitivity is to make the cursor move slower or faster. In shooting games, you can disable mouse acceleration.

Know Your Weapons

Many games recommend the use of G3A3 riffle or TAR-21. The G3A3 is powerful and holds 21 rounds while the latter holds 31 rounds and has much less recoil. No matter the weapon you use, be sure to understand the features.

Use The Maps Yo Your Advantage

In almost any FPS game, maps can be used in different situations. They show you the terrain which is helpful in multiplayer games. Use the practice mode to navigate the corners and build memory on track.


The fastest way to improve your aim is to learn the techniques. You can take an online training program. There are a series of tests to improve your aiming skills. The technique you use should focus on reaction speed and accuracy to increase your odds of success. It’s worth mentioning that there are a lot of techniques to learn. For competitive gaming, work on your sitting position, and you’ll be on the path to FPS greatness.

Game Sense

We can’t dispute the fact that game sense is an important skill than aiming. These are the mechanics you need to know about your FPS game. It tells you how many players are still alive. You’ll also learn how to aim perfectly.

Practice Makes Perfect

While this may sound like an old cliché, it can take your FPS game to the next level. Whether it’s Call of Duty, Overwatch, Battlefield, or Counter-Strike, you should build your shooting skills. This will help you learn how the physics of game work. If you don’t know where to start, you should try 3D Aim Trainer. This online tool supports more than 30 games. As time goes on, you’ll harness your skills across all games in shooting genre.

Learn From Your Deaths

If you’re yet to learn how to aim, you’ll keep dying. A great way to polish your skills is to sit down and analyze your deaths. Try to make your shots count. One common mistake most people make is firing aimlessly. And if you are on target but you miss, look for the factors that can hinder effective targeting. Keep in mind that weapons react differently. If you’ve been on the lookout, headshots are super important.


We can’t dispute the fact that FPS is a popular genre of video games. If your game revolves around first-person shooters, you don’t have to know every detail. To improve your odds of success, make sure you establish good shooting habits and break the bad ones. Remember, the key to success is right in your fingertips.

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